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* Strong compression and bearing capacity. It is made of high-strengh composite material, which has light weight, strong bearing capacity and incomparable toughness with other materials. During land subsidence, it can effiectively eliminate the action tension of subsidence on pipelines and joints, and protect underground pipeline system;

* Reasonable structure design. The unique integrated structure of the product is molded once, which reduces the possibility of leakage; the internally retracted structure has an oil collection function; oil-water sensors can be installed inside, which can automatically alarm when leaking, thus realizing intelligent management of the fuel station;

* Easy to install. The top opening of the product is retracted, and completely butted with the bottom opening of the dispenser; the side is easy to open holes for easy installation. Compared with sumps made of other materials, the installation period is much shorter;

* Process design. Large operating space in the sump, advanced manufacturing technology and beautiful appearance.

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