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110mm pipe

HDPE Pipes

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Product features

*Natural resin inner liner in primary pipes can reach a new level of protection, performance and dependability

*The primary pipe has an electtostatic conductive layer, and the surface resistivity is less than 106Ω·m

*The design pressure is 1.6MPa, and the rated working pressure is 1MPa

*Operation temperature: -40℃ to 50℃

*Both self-priming(negative pressure) and pressure (positive pressure) can be applied

*With inspection reports issued by the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center and the National petroleum

Pipe Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

*Approved according to EN14125:2013 standard, and meet the technical requirements of Sinopec Gas Station Buried

Thermoplastic Composite Pipes

*All raw materials are imported with premium quality

*The supporting pipe fittings are all integrated, using high-efficient electrofusion welding technology to avoid leakage

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